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Mama's Glory Prayer (feat. Carol Bostick, Tylyriq Robinson, Tameya Robinson, & Ernest Bisong)

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Never Give Up
Never Give Up
Take good advice
Get good counseling
Do What’s Happy
Makes You Happy
Always remember what?
That God is 1st
Always remember that God is 1st

And He’s
He’s Above Everything You Know
So you don’t have to be afraid of ANYTHING
Because He is. God. He’s above everything.
He knows everything. He guides everything.
That’s the main thing…to know that He is who He said that He is.
It’s so important that we read the Word of God.
And know exactly who He is, how He is, and what He’ll do for us

Who Is This God
Who Speaks To Us Through Elements
And What He Speaks
Holds More Weight Than Every President

Mother Nature And Father Time Mark HIs Relevance
Even Science Proves His Glory Through HIs Evidence
And His Glory Reigns For Ever More
Tender Mercies And Loving Kindness You Can’t Ignore
That’s Why When Some Of Us Worship We Hit The Floor

Cuz We Know Where We Should Be
From The Things We’ve Endured

Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
And His Word
Holy Spirit Got The Wheel
We Hugging Every Curve

3 in 1 So I’m Good Playing The Second Fiddle
And Thats Why We The Church Serve The Underserved
It’s Never Been About The Politics
This Anointing Comes Straight From God
You Can’t College It
Gotta Struggle To Hit These Altitudes

This Is The Place Where Open Heavens Seems Palpable
This Is the Place Where Every Dream Seems Palpable
My Heart Posture Will Forever Be Gratitude

You Have No Rival
You Have No Equal
Now And Forever God You Reign

Yours Is The Kingdom
Yours Is The Glory
Yours Is The Name Above
Every Name

Yours Is The Kingdom
Yours Is The Glory
Yours Is The Name
Yours Is The Name
Yours Is The Name

Above Every Name
What A Powerful Name Yeah
Yeah What A Powerful Name

Your Name Is All Powerful
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Oh Oh Oh

Learn From Me Is To Stand
Stand in Your Place
Don’t Give Up
Always Giving Advice To Yourself
And Others
To Move Forward
Did you ever have a time when you felt like you wanted to give up? What did you do to overcome that?

There’s No Name Higher Than Yours
There’s No Name Higher Than Yours
Jesus Jesus

There’s No Name Higher Than Yours
There’s No Name Higher Than Yours
There’s No Name Higher Than Than Jesus
Jesus Jesus Jesus
King Of Kings
Your Jesus

Umm…I Had Hard Times. But never times I wanted to give up. Because I always knew that whatever gift that I had God gave it to me. And no matter what anybody did to me, they couldn’t take that from me. Because He gave it to me.

What’s your greatest hope for the future? See Jesus…I wanna see Jesus.

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